In a Montessori classroom the place of the traditional teacher is held by a fully trained Montessori Director or Directress. The Directress is a guide whose task it is to support the young child in his or her process of learning and self-development.


Our Directress, Ms. Anne, is a Montessori trained Preschool/ Kindergarten teacher and a member of (AMI) The Association Montessori Internationale and the North American Montessori Teacher’s Association (NAMTA).

A graduate of Dalhousie University, Anne holds Bachelor Degrees in both Science (Early Childhood Developmental Psych/Neuroscience) and Architecture (Environmental Design Studies).

Ms. Anne is currently completing The  Master of Education program in Literacy Education at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Ms. Anne is also Red Cross Certified in Emergency First Aid & CPR (C) + AED

Please feel free to contact our Directress at: