Whats An Air Bridge Agreement


The Telegraph reports that an airlift is to be set up from July 6 without the need to quarantine for 14 days between France and the UK. Britain is expected to make an announcement on airlifts on June 29. British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Friday that airlifts were a “massive priority”. However, special bridges and corridors can be abolished if coronavirus cases increase in the UK or a partner country, and not all countries have agreed to lift travel restrictions with the UK. Also known as “travel corridors,” air bridges will allow tourists to travel between two countries without the need for quarantine. France would also be included in the first wave of air bridges between Britain. Airlifts are designed to facilitate travel to different countries during the global coronavirus pandemic. This is due to be reviewed on June 29, and airlifts are expected to be introduced after that date. There are reports of a long-distance airlift with the continents. However, the United States, Mexico and South American countries will not be an option until at least the end of the year. Priti Patel said a few weeks ago that britain`s 14-day quarantine period would be reviewed every three weeks, and did not rule out the idea of airlifts in the future. The government will announce a full list of countries with which it will have air transport agreements on Friday, July 3.

DON`T MISS OUT. Air transport plan boosts holiday hopes as coronavirus lockdown subsides [INFORM]Holidays 2020: 10 risks to consider before going abroad [INSIGHT]Holidays 2020: Malta opens its doors to Britons from July [INFORM] As holidaymakers want to go abroad this summer after months of lockdown, many are keeping a listening ear to news about airlifts, which would allow them to: travel without coronavirus-related restrictions. Is demand high or are people cautious? Sean Tipton of Abta, a British travel association, said: “It`s a very mixed picture – some people are desperate to get on the first plane from here, others won`t feel comfortable yet when they travel. Overall, demand for this time of year will likely be lower than usual, but that`s not necessarily a bad thing – it will make social distancing easier. Paul Charles, a travel PR specialist who asked the government to outline its air travel plans, said: “There is a lot of back, but the level depends on the type of holiday..

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