Term Of Years Agreement


(n) (1) in contracts or leases, a period, for example. B of five years during which a contract or lease is in force. (2) in contracts, a particular condition or condition. (3) a period during which a court meets or sits on a legislator. 4) a word or phrase for something, because “lease” is a term “occupation”. The duration of the contract can also be extended either automatically or by termination. Option of [PARTY A]. Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement, [PART A] of [PARTY B] may acquire some or all of the assets [PART B] used in connection with the franchise. Some service agreements include agreements (e.g. .B. non-competition and non-publication of confidential information) that must go beyond the duration of the contract.

Make sure that the actual duration of these covenants is clearly defined (for example.B. Agreements of this type are particularly common for estate management contracts, so owners and estate administrators are well advised to review their standard form agreements. It is also important to be aware of the fact that executive salaries are generally indicated with regard to the amount of the manager`s annual remuneration. If a manager`s employment contract is silent about how the manager is paid after the termination of the employment relationship, it may be possible to read the agreement so that he receives the full annual salary for the remainder of the term of the contract. . . .

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