Simple Trust Agreement Sample


CONSIDERING that the agent agrees to retain the property or immovable property in trust under the conditions and within the limits and attributions defined below in this instrument; 1.1 “trust” means the trust created by such Trust Deed and referred to in clause 3. Trust relates to a type of relationship in which one party assumes responsibility for a property or asset for the benefit of another party. Although there are different types of trusts and fiduciary contracts, all of these elements are essential: 2. Personal residence. If the trust is in possession of the trust at the time of my death, or if, following my death, it can be distributed to the trustee according to my will or otherwise, the agent will pay to my wife Linda R. after my death. In the event that no other beneficiary is authorized to obtain the trust, persons entitled to receive discretionary distributions will receive the trust in equal shares. The agent may also merge substantially similar trusts in favour of the beneficiaries. The term “fiduciary asset” or “fiduciary asset” means any tangible or intangible asset of the licensor held by the agent under this Agreement, whether past, present or future property, which is to be part of the assets. At the age of 25 of the beneficiary, the agent pays 50% of the total trust to the old trust.

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