Construction Industry Workplace Agreement


A collective agreement has been reached between IG BAU and construction employers to increase tree wages. The new federal salaries apply from April 1, 2020. “More than 200,000 construction workers benefit from higher minimum wages,” said Robert Feiger, Federal President of IG BAU. There are common problems in agreements that come into force with identical content in all collective agreements. In addition, sectoral agreements only provide for amendments to the collective agreement for a given sector. The problems frequently encountered in all agreements are explained here. Contract changes for the different sectors are explained in sectoral documents. The minimum wage for unskilled workers increases by 35 cents to 12.55 euros per hour. In addition, minimum wage 2 (for skilled workers), which applies to the Länder of West Germany and Berlin, is increased by 20 cents.

In West Germany, minimum wage 2 will be €15.40 per hour and in Berlin €15.25. The new increased minimum wages will continue until the end of 2020 The parties have agreed on different working groups to develop, for example, the productivity of the land. Previous agreements on students and introduction to working life have been extended. However, the six-euro work experience ended because it did not achieve the expected results. If workers wish to enter into negotiations, they must apply to the Fair Work Commission to give the employer an order to negotiate a new agreement. When a negotiation process is initiated, it does not necessarily mean that an agreement will be reached or that you have to accept certain proposed conditions. The company`s negotiation process for reaching an agreement includes strict processes, paperwork, and deadlines. The amount between the table remuneration and the real salary, as for example. B a personal salary component under the construction collective agreement will be reduced by €0.10. However, if the personal salary component paid in addition to the table remuneration is EUR 0,10 lower, or not at all, the salary increase is EUR 0,30 higher and corresponds to the maximum increase in the table remuneration.

The separate remuneration of employee representatives is increased by 3.4% for the entire duration of the contract, i.e. until 30 April 2020. The Sectoral Order of Employment (Construction Sector) 2019 entered into force on 1 October 2019. . . .

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