Arbitration Agreement Workers Comp


Rita Wall and other plaintiffs worked for UPS for years when UPS gave up its positions. Ms. Wall and others wanted to stay and protect her retirement, but UPS reportedly misinformed her of the unavailability of similar positions. After being illegally forced to accept severance pay, Ms. Wall and others learned that similar positions existed, but that they were only available to much younger employees. Ms. Wall and her colleagues filed a complaint. The arbitration clause imposed on the severance pay agreement denied his day in court. Wall v.

UPS Shukri Sakkab worked for a LensCrafters retail store (LensCrafters is owned by Luxottica) in California. When Christina Mocino started working at the Catalina Restaurant Group, she received a document asking her to settle all claims against her employer, but she gave her the opportunity to retain the right to file a class action, which Mocino did. In May 2013, Mocino filed a class action lawsuit against Catalina in a public court for alleged violation of the Wages and Hours Act and, in response, Catalina filed a request for forced arbitration, which was accepted by a court of law and an appeals court was granted. (Mocino v. Catalina Rest. Group, Inc., Cal. Ct. App., 4th app. Dist.

E059845 (19 June 2015)). While trying to pursue her Claims to racial and sexual harassment Forever 21 in an open court, Maribel Baltazar discovered that she first had to fight against the arbitration clause buried in her candidacy. .

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