Ups Credit Agreement


Gladstone Capital Corp. increased its borrowing capacity under its $180 million credit facility through a Joinder contract with Customers Bank to $205 million. The credit facility agreement was falsified by Gladstone Business Loan LLC as a borrower, Gladstone Management Corp. as a service, some lenders and administrative agents, and KeyBank NA as a director. 2.3.2 Create a show. Some online services allow you to show a shipment to your designated carriers. They are responsible for making available all the information required by the current legislation and by the carrier responsible for completing the shipping manifest. You agree to charge a fee for any request you have submitted for an online mailing, either on a corresponding UPS Capital account or on a credit card you provided, whether the label is printed later or attached to a package offered to the designated carrier. If the information you provide via an online service mail is incomplete or inaccurate in any way, we can fill it out or correct it on your behalf and adjust the fees in accordance with the directive. You agree: all insurance costs, transportation fees, financial service charges, customs duties, taxes, mark-ups, fines and administrative fines, storage fees, customs duties, fees incurred due to your default or that of the recipient to provide appropriate documents or to obtain an appropriate license or authorization, fees we pay in advance, our legal fees and any other fees related to your shipment that has been established with online services.

If a credit card payment is made for your shipment, you expressly authorize us to assess and receive all charges related to this shipment, including additional charges, with the same credit card. Your payment will be processed in accordance with the directive. We can set and impose limits on your use of API technologies (for example.B. Limit the number of requests you can submit) at our sole discretion. You accept and do not attempt to circumvent these limitations, which are documented with any API technology. If you wish to use API technologies beyond these limits, you must obtain our explicit consent (and we may refuse such a request or condition your consent to additional conditions and/or fees for use).

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