Settlement Agreement In Nederlands


You have the right to refuse a transaction contract. If you do, your job will remain unchanged. Refusing a transaction contract does not change your rights, except that you lose the right to that offer. This means that the parties can enter into a transaction agreement to avoid or end an ongoing uncertainty or dispute. Many transaction agreements are concluded as a result of transaction negotiations, a personal appearance by the parties (hearing) in litigation or by other means. If, in a transaction agreement, one party does not comply with an obligation (commitment) of this agreement, the other party is in principle entitled to terminate all or part of the transaction contract or to demand compliance with the agreement in court. The redundancy procedure through the UWV can be time-designed and costly, so many employers opt for the second option: dismissal by mutual agreement. To do this, the employer offers the employee (s) a financial incentive to leave the company voluntarily in the form of a transaction contract. A transaction contract may then be offered to employees who express an interest in the company`s voluntary departure program.

You`re summoned by your boss. It presents you with a termination contract or a transaction contract (vaststellingsovereenkomst in Dutch) with the request to sign this agreement, preferably as soon as possible. But should I really do it? Should you accept your release? Are you still entitled to unemployment benefits (werkeloosheidswet)? Aren`t you entitled to a (higher) severance pay? And what about the prescribed notice periods? Below are the answers to any questions about the transaction contract. If you still have questions after reading or if you would like your consent to be evaluated for free, you can contact us by phone or email. We can also negotiate better redundancy terms for you or prevent you from laying off. The employer and the worker may enter into written agreements to terminate a Dutch employment contract as part of a redundancy contract. You can never lose! So, speak to our professional lawyer today to negotiate your transaction agreement with good financial compensation for the dismissal. Call 0900 -123 73 24 or email us an example of a transaction: If you need a transaction contract, you can download an example here.

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