Amazon Prime Video Direct Agreement


For the information and materials you provide to amazon via a website that is not subject to the terms of a licensing agreement with Amazon (a “deposit”), you grant Amazon and its related companies a non-exclusive license, indefinite and irrevocable license for use, for copying, distribution, transfer, provision, advertising , reproduction, reproduction, editing, editing, translation, works derived from your submission, in conjunction with the program`s website and Prime Central video and (2) sublicensings of the permitted quantity. Amazon can delete your shipment at any time. For every shipment you submit, you declare that you have all the rights you have to grant us the rights shown in this section. If we ask you to provide additional information about your titles or subscriptions, for example. B information that confirms that you have all the rights necessary to allow our titles or subscription to be broadcast, you will immediately provide the requested information, knowing that your content may only be available at that time. if there is proof of rights. You allow us to make, directly or through third parties, any requests that we deem appropriate to verify your rights, in order to allow our distribution of titles or subscriptions and the accuracy of the information or documents you provide to us with respect to these rights. You acknowledge that we will communicate primarily with you by email or by posting messages on the program pages. You agree that all agreements, communications, communications and other communications that we make available to you electronically meet all legal requirements for these communications to be made in writing. Within the maximum legal limit, Amazon may monitor and disclose all electronic communications you make in connection with the program`s websites, if you believe in good faith that this is necessary to ensure compliance with this Agreement and to protect the rights, property rights and interests of Amazon or third parties.

You agree that we will send you emails from time to time on Prime Video Direct, Video Central and other means of publication. This took the lead on all the instructions you gave us, including via another Amazon site. You can cancel these communications at any time. “Howdytoons.” Mike Whitla With AVD`s royalty tweak and the recent modification of the YouTube advertising program, which has also affected small video manufacturers, companies seem to be trying to dissociate themselves from the DIY filmmakers who need these services the most.

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