Vsat Service Agreement


2. SERVICES. 2.1. VSAT makes available to the subscriber, subject to the conditions and obligations included, one or more of the following conditions, based on the choice of the subscriber in the customer order form (the “order form”): two-way satellite broadcast/reception services, which may include: a firewall; VPN; and various other services that can be provided from time to time by VSAT (together the “services”). 2.2 The subscriber is also bound by the terms and conditions of the order form, the terms of use (as defined below) and on the site (www.vsat-systems.com) (the “website”), copies of which are attached in Appendix A and recorded as a reference. 2.3 Duration. Unless otherwise stated, VSAT makes services available to the subscriber for a period of three years (the “initial period”). After the initial term, VSAT will make the Services available to the Subscriber from month to month, unless this has been terminated earlier in accordance with the terms of this agreement. 19. FULL AGREEMENT.

This contract, as published on the Site, as well as the order of service, terms of use and additional documents on the website listed on the website constitute the unique completeness of the unique agreement regarding the purpose of this contract between VSAT and Dema subscriber, which also applies to all users of the subscriber`s account. This agreement replaces all submissions, proposals, incentives, assurances, commitments, agreements and other communications relating to the purpose of this agreement, unless this document specifically specifies this. By running this document online, in person, by fax or email, or by proceeding with an automated VsAT notification procedure, the Subscriber accepts the terms of this Agreement. This agreement can only be amended in the manner expressly provided for by this agreement. VSAT systems must have access to the subscriber`s router at all times. The subscriber must not block or impede VSAT Systems` access to the router and must immediately notify VSAT systems of router-related password changes. The participant recognizes that other VSAT Systems products and services may have additional terms and conditions that may also apply, and agrees to do so. 1.

GENERALITIES. This subscription agreement (the “agreement”) defines the conditions for the use of the services (as defined below) provided to the subscriber by VSAT Systems, LLC, an Ohio limited liability company (“VSAT”). An online version of this agreement can be viewed under www.vsat-systems.com/subscriber-agreement.html. 2.2. The subscriber is also bound by the terms of the order form and any additional conditions or policies that may appear from time to time on the site (www.vsat-systems.com) (the “website”) and which are included by reference. 4.2 Multiple use of the account, access directive. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, any exposure, order form, website and/or Terms of Use are permitted to use the Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the Subscriber`s installation address. However, the Subscriber cannot sell, resell, rent, rent or share the Services with third parties without vsAT`s prior written consent. The subscriber cannot connect services to “open” or public wireless connection sharing technology or other public technology.

Services should not be used as return transportation for a fascibe mode of use. VSAT bandwidth is provided on a shared basis and the VSAT network is configured to provide an acceptable business level service to all customers.

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