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At the end of a transfer course, you ask for official transcripts (in a sealed envelope) of the other institution and place tenure to be sent directly to the Office of Records at UNF (not the admissions office): Klotz says, “Most students transfer units from Saddleback or SDCCD colleges, the San Diego Community District.” THE SDCCD includes San Diego City College, San Diego Mesa College and San Diego Miramar College. UNPL students, who take between 12 and 17 units, pay $1,170 per unit, according to the UNLP website. These same students have the opportunity to transfer credits at a lower price to a number of community universities. So why don`t more students use it? But for students who are aware of the UNPP transfer agreement, they have a better chance of avoiding these problems. The delegation agreement lists only pre-approved classes that replace certain classes offered by the UNP. If you wish to transfer while registering for courses at PLNU, you must submit a petition for the transmission of courses to the Office of Records before registering for courses that are not included in transfer manuals. But the transfer contract is not only advantageous because of the cost. The UNLP transfer contract allows students attending a community college during the first two years of study to teach their courses without considering whether they are included in their UNLP training. After completing a transfer course, request official transcripts (in a sealed envelope) from the other institution and specify that they will be sent directly to the UNP Registration Office (unauthorized). Once the transcript is received in our office, your scientific recording specialist will analyze it and enter it into your UNFPA transcript within four weeks of receiving it. What is an articulation agreement: articulation agreements are formal agreements between two institutions that guarantee the reciprocal transmission of courses.

Many institutions have transfer guides and course equivalencies to help students transfer. These should be used as consulting tools in conjunction with a consultant. These are NOT articulation agreements. See below for information on the joint. The following instructions have been specifically designed for students currently participating in the UNP. If you are a future transfer student, please contact your admissions advisor for information on the transfer to PLNU. PlNU has transfer agreements with several universities and universities to help current and potential students choose transferable general education (GE) courses. The courses listed in our transfer agreement database are pre-approved with certain restrictions for transfer to PLNU. If we do not have a transfer contract for your institution, please read our GE transfer guide.

PLNU re-examines transfer courses that have been completed at regionally accredited institutions in the United States to earn a bachelor`s degree at UNP. Each transfer course is evaluated individually; The description of the study is compared to the content and requirements of the UNLP school/department/university to determine equivalence. For more information, please see the PLNU catalogue policy for transfer credits. You can transfer the number of units needed to reach the 120 units needed for your degree from the following sources (with no more than 24 test/JST points units): The transfer contract can help transfer students who play with their units or students who simply want to move forward. Community College allows students to graduate in a timely manner in a more cost-effective manner. Once a transfer course has been added to your PLNU transcript, you can view it on your portal by clicking on the “Unofficial Transcripts” link.

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