Monash University Enterprise Agreement


Such a set of remunerations is defined in an agreement with the university, which provides: 20.3 The university can tender for teaching positions and promote the applications of a qualified staff or university staff from each Australian university that had a total of at least 12 months of university employment in Australian universities over the previous five years. 29.15 Any dispute is first considered by the CTMC. The CTMC will try, in good faith, to resolve the dispute by trying to reach an agreement. If the dispute is not resolved by the CTMC within 5 business days, the dispute may be referred by both parties to an arbitrator for settlement. 36.6 The university will provide the agent with a copy of the individual flexibility agreement within 14 days of the denudation agreement and will retain the agreement as a time and salary registration that will complement the other registration processes established by the university. Responsible for the development and implementation of the programs. provide strategic support and advice (for example. B to schools or faculties) that require the integration of a number of higher education policies and external requirements, as well as the ability to achieve goals in complex organizational structures. 79.11 An officer receiving a salary that does not exceed the level 7 salary prescribed for the top of the scale of a higher education worker (HEW) may, by mutual agreement between the agent and the university obtained prior to overtime work, take a period of leave instead of an overtime allowance calculated in the same way as that provided for in point 79.9 for the payment of overtime. In the event that the officer resigns or is dismissed and has not fully returned to work, the officer is required to pay the university compensation for the default. In cases where the agent does not return to the service for a period equal to 60% of the leave, employer contributions paid during the leave period are included in the calculation of the refund due. The remaining balance is deducted from all rights that accrue to the individual in the event of termination.

The return-to-occupation agreement will make it clear that an officer may choose to extend his parental leave in accordance with point 43.12. An officer`s decision to extend parental leave does not exempt the officer from his or her obligations under the reinstatement contract. However, the fulfillment of these obligations may be delayed until the officer returns to his or her job. Yes, Prior to the entry into force of the agreement, the university commenced proceedings under Clause 13 (consultation on thought), Part G (work stoppage) or Part H (Disciplinary and Complaint Cases) of the Academic and Professional Staff 2014 (“the 2014 agreement”), the university will pursue these procedures in accordance with the procedures set out in any existing clause.

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