Edward Jones Employment Agreement


Kerr`s decision does not address a company`s ability to demand monetary policy damages and clearly reflects the facts of the case. However, their conclusion – that RRs are required to inform customers of a change of employment – shows that companies must prove that they are in fact charged or that they have committed other misconduct as a precondition for the prosecution. Given the impending entry into force of the June 2020 BI Regulation, which, as noted here, requires businesses and RRs to “act in the best interests of customers,” the courts may find Kerr persuasive in assessing applications for non-value agreements. This case and $42 million in assets lost by Edward Jones as a result of Clyburn`s application show the serious consequences that can occur for an employer if an employee violates a non-formal notice agreement or if a non-formal notice agreement is found to be unenforceable. Employers, particularly in the financial sector, may consider suring that their employment contracts are reviewed to ensure the applicability of similar non-appeal provisions. Look at the big five just want advisors who can block and control them. I understand the big cheque with the incredible blackout period that looks extremely incisive. Unfortunately, the agreement is extremely one-sided for good reason. You see, the minute you receive the cheque you`re going to invest or spend. It doesn`t matter that in Oder get out of the contract, you have to pay back the entire amount after depreciation. The facts are against you, because you will reward yourself for this ordeal (spend money), you invest it (I hope you only hit HomeRuns and even singles) and finally the big five will cut their payment each year until they convert it to a salary plus bonus system.

As noted above, Kerr did not question a provision of his employment contract. Instead, he asserted that both FINRA Rule 2273 and his fiduciary duty as a certified financial planner required him to inform his clients that he had changed businesses. He also stated that he had not used any Edward Jones documents to contact clients. Section 2273 does not require companies or RRs to notify customers of a change of employment, but requires information at the time of the first notification after the change.

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