Abstinence Agreement Form


Download the “Talk. They can hear you.¬†Family Contract Form in English (PDF – 109.3 KB) BEFORE the start of the contracting process with your child: As your son/daughter, I understand that alcohol can harm my body and mind and can make me say and do things I might regret. I promise to avoid situations where my friends and peers drink minors, and I promise to call you or write to you to help me get away from these situations when they occur. In signing this promise, I agree that I will have constructive discussions with you about the dangers of underage drinking. Signature_____________________________ Date_____________________________ The purpose of the treaty is not to make your child feel trapped, but to make decisions because he or she knows what its consequences are when they choose illegal substances. Make a copy of the contract for you and one for your child. You have to sign both copies. Give your child a copy at the end of the meeting. Once the contract is signed, the meeting will be over. Step back and let the treaty come into force.

. As your mother/dad/guardian, I promise to do my part to make sure you`re alcohol-free. I promise to tell you about the dangers and harmful effects of underage drinking. I promise to create an alcohol-free environment that is fun and safe for you and your friends. I also promise to pick you up anytime or anywhere if you are in an uncomfortable situation where drinking minors is at stake. Remember that the reason #1 why children choose to forego illegal use of the substance is because they do not want to disappoint their parents. What is an abstinence contract? It`s a promise you can save sexually for your future spouse. For it is an order of God, it is his commandment and his record, it is the best offer, and you are very rewarded by Him if you obey! If not, play now and you will pay or pay later and pray now (waiting for trust in God) and play later. It`s your choice! There are different proportions of consequences. Choose the consequences that are important to your child and that are consistent with their actions.

Some consequences could be: God says: Flee sexual immorality. All the other sins that a man commits are outside his body, but one who sexually washes himself against his own body. 1 Cor. 6:18 Creating a family contract is a way to help your children give up alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. It is a tool to express values and outline expectations and consequences.

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